Facilities, Equipment, and Standard Operating Procedures

The Rice Processing Program's facilities and equipment are primarily located at the University of Arkansas Food Science Department, Fayetteville, AR.  Our rapidly growing research program has the facilities and equipment for complete physico-chemical analysis, sensory evaluation and nutritional evaluation of rice and rice products, including:

Cereal Quality Laboratory (1,000 ft ) equipped with instruments used for quality assessment of milled rice that includes head rice yield, color, milled rice chemical composition, and rice flour pasting properties,

Rice Physical Properties Laboratory (250 ft2) equipped with a diode array-based NIR to measure moisture, protein, fats, and fiber of grains, a single kernel characterization system, and an Image Analyzer for measuring rice kernel dimensions, 

Pilot Plant (2,000 ft2) equipped with grain drying and processing equipment including temperature and relative humidity control units, phase transition analyzer, self-referencing near-infrared reflectance spectrophotometer and a newly developed prototype for measuring volumetric expansion of cooked rice kernels. This facility also features a lab drying system for both fluidized and non-fluidized rice drying and a system for measuring the EMC of rice and rice products.

Rheology Laboratory (500 ft2 ) equipped with a miniature rice cooker, a texture analyzer, a rheometer, a differential scanning calorimeter, a thermo-mechanical analyzer, a dynamic mechanical analyzer, a rapid visco-analyzer, and viscoamylographs,

Sensory Laboratory ( 2,000 ft2) for consumer and descriptive sensory evaluation of rice and rice products and other food/beverage products, and   

Nutrition Laboratory ( 1,000 ft2) to evaluate the role of food/beverage products in vivo on human health-related issues

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Dessicant Drying

EMC Chamber Drying


Cleaning Rough Rice Samples

Dehulling of Rough Rice Samples

Milling of Rice Samples Using the McGill #2 Laboratory Miller

Separation of Broken/Head Rice Using a Shaker Table

Mass Calculation of Head Rice Yield and Other Rice Fractions

Thickness Grading of Rough Rice

Grinding Rice Samples with Cyclone Mill

Physical Tests

Foss GrainCheck™ for Head Rice Yield

Moisture Content Determination by Convection Oven

Automatic Moisture Content Determination

Hunter Color Determination

Bulk Density

Rice Flour Pasting Properties

Chemical Tests

Lipid Content Determination by Extraction