Industry Partnerships

An overall goal of the Rice Processing Program is to generate research results that are of significant value to the rice industry. It is essential that Program objectives are formulated with input from all relevant parties. Consequently, the Program facilitates partnerships between the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture and companies in the rice industry, as well as relevant industry/government agencies.

Corporate partners will, through financial and in-kind support of this program, receive the following benefits:

Significant leveraging of research funds
By leveraging a particular participant's support against other state, federal, and industry funds, each partner will gain the multiplicative effect of these partnerships supporting a common research infrastructure.
Input into research objectives
Partners will be asked to provide significant input in steering the goals and general direction of the Program.
Early access to research results
Because of the typical lag in publication of research results, partners will gain early access to research data via Industry Alliance meetings and the Rice Processing Program website.
Access to undergraduate and graduate students with expertise in rice processing
Through the Rice Processing Program, undergraduate and graduate students gain specific experience in rice processing research. Partners have the opportunity to work with these students in specific projects and internships, and to recruit them for subsequent employment.

Current Partners