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EMC calculator

EMC Calculator

A windows-based and interactive equilibrium moisture content (EMC) calculator. Simply choose grain type such as rough rice, input air temperature and relative humidity (RH), the program can calculate EMC for specified grain based on Chung's equation.

Bin Dryer screen


A windows-based and interactive computer prediction program for in-bin grain drying. It can predict grain temperature and moisture content changes during drying. This program includes several computing modules such as fan selection, unit conversion, psychrometric and EMC calculations and contains some useful functions such as output summary, data report for printing and saving, visual data as well as graphic presentations.

aeration screen


A windows-based and interactive computer prediction program for grain aeration and pest management in stored bin systems. It can predict grain temperature, moisture content, and air relative humidity profiles inside the bin during aeration based on daily or hourly weather database. Three aeration strategies i.e. natural air aeration, EMC controlled aeration and conditioned air aeration, are adopted. This program also includes several tools and output features indicated as the BinDryer program.

unit conversion scree

Unit Conversion

A windows-based unit conversion (Metric unit to English unit or vice versa) program. It includes the most popular units that are being used in grain drying and storage practices.