Rice Processing Program


The UA Rice Processing Program conducts both basic and applied research to improve the efficiency and effectiveness…


UA Rice Processing Program faculty, staff, and students have published refereed journal articles in various areas…


The UA Rice Processing Program generates research results that are of significant value to the rice industry…

UARPP Personnel

Program personnel represent engineering, cereal science, sensory evaluation, and plant physiology capabilities. The integrated nature of the rice industry’s research needs has necessitated our multidisciplinary, systematic approach to research.

UARPP Facilities

UARPP’s facilities and equipment are located at the U of A Food Science Department. Our rapidly growing program has the facilities and equipment for complete physico-chemical analysis, sensory evaluation and nutritional evaluation of rice and rice products.


The University of Arkansas Rice Processing Program faculty, staff and students have published refereed journal articles in the areas of preharvest property characterization, drying, storage, milling, quality, starch chemistry and sensory analysis.